Taiwanese Sun-dried Noodles
– Sesame & Peanuts


Noodles with Sesame & Peanut

Mouth-watering ShuangRenHsu noodles married with dried vegetables and an utterly divine Sesame and Peanut sauce featuring a hint of chilli.

Beware – these noodles are very moreish!

Suitable for vegetarians.

Serves three

  • Awards Winning Noodles
  • Ready in 5 mins
  • No MSG, No Preservatives, No Additives
  • Taiwanese Traditonal Methods
  • Suitable for vegeterians




Important information

Ingredients:Wheat Flour, Water, Salt. Soy Sauce, Sugar, Rice Wine. Sesame Sauce, Sesame Oil, Chili Oil, Olive Oil. Peanut Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Sesame, White Sesame. Crushed chili pepper flakes. Shallot, Parsley, Broccoli

Directions:Put noodles into boiling water. Stir it evenly. Cook the noodles about 4-5 minutes according to personal preference. Drain noodles. Put the noodles into a bowl. Put the sauce and dehydrated vegetable. Mix well and enjoy.